Artist's Statement

I am most elated when capturing interactions and responses in the wild that are amusing, amazing and often humorous.  Whether the subject is a shy baby burro, a scathing raptor, an excited herd of horses or clouds dancing on dramatic mountains at sunrise, my goal is to demonstrate those moments vividly, with clear, strong subject matter.
My printer and I work to use optimal materials and effects producing striking works to display in your home or office.  Images can be printed on:
 Somerset Velvet Watercolor imported paper, giving the photograph a soft, dreamier effect;
Canvas, resulting in a painted look;
Face mount metallic/acrylic- a vivid, light/color catching display, appearing almost 3D;
Luster print, reasonably priced, normal photography material;

If you desire a different effect, please let me know.  The fine art printer I work with  is experienced with many different materials and resulting end products.  Every material he uses is archival quality, designed to last for many years.