Many times I have been asked, “How do you get those shots?!”.  After giving it some thought, here are the answers:


  • I make an attempt to place myself where wildlife might frequent.
  • Expectation~ I have the audacity to believe God, the One life comes from, helps me to actually SEE.  Truth is, many people go through their days not realizing what is around them.  I have learned to look for what others don’t expect, to really observe.
  • I try to be prepared to capture the moment with my equipment.  It is important to adequately know how to best use your gear and have it ready.

I absolutely love nature and all the lessons it holds.  I hope my photography speaks to you.  I want it to enable you to see beyond the mundane daily life.  If it gives you a chuckle, brings to mind a wonderful memory, or helps you smile at the future, I’m happy.




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Dana Lee Stoner

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