About Dana Lee Stoner


I have a deep belief that what we see with our natural eyes can lead us to unseen realities.

Enthralled by the animal kingdom, I also enjoy imaging landscapes. I know scenes can speak quietly to the soul or shout with delight within a person's inner being.
My hope is that when others view my art, a longing is awakened, even if a tiny spark. Something to take the viewer beyond their day-to-day busy schedules; a laugh, a sigh, a stepping outside of one’s self to ponder on what is beyond.


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Heron's Snake Snack to Go


My website presents you with an overview of my nature photography, and you can also contact me directly. 


Dana Lee Stoner

In Steamboat Springs: Gallery 89 1009 Lincoln Avenue Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 439-8196 Steamboat Art Museum Shop 807 Lincoln Avenue Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 870-1755 In Colorado Springs: Gallery 113 125 1/2 N Tejon Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 634-5299
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